Why Hire an Interior Designer

There are a lot of misconceptions about hiring an interior designer to help you with your design or remodel projects.  Here are 3 big reasons why you should hire an interior designer for your project.

1)Misconception – It’s Expensive –  in actuality, hiring a designer could save you money!

You are undoubtedly investing a large sum of money to get the updates you desire…why take the chance of making mistakes or missing small or large details because you didn’t know the right questions to ask?

Interior designers are trained professionals paid to make sure the details are not missed and to ensure your product selections are appropriate for how and where you want to use them.

By not investing in the services provided by an interior designer, you run the risk of costly mistakes – like ordering appliances that don’t fit the cabinet openings; using a flooring product that will wear out within months of installing it; or using paint or fabric colors that will not blend or coordinate with what you currently have in your home/office.

2)Misconception – My friend/my dad/my husband is an electrician and can help…” –

Contacts and Resources – part of the “tool box” that a designer uses to create designs is their extensive list of resources for materials, products and labor required to complete the design job.  Because they have worked with and vetted the resources they use – clients can be assured of having insured, reputable trades working on their project.  They will also be exposed to products that are in many cases sold to “trade only”  – meaning the general public cannot purchase many of the items that a designer can – this will help to insure you get a “one of a kind” design.

3)The WOW Factor – designers can help you take all of those magazine pictures, Pinterest postings, etc. and turn them into a truly personalized look for your home or office.  They can help you tell a story, create a specific mood, turn your space into a reflection of your lifestyle and personality.  It’s easy to get ideas from online sources – it’s quite another task to turn them into a reality.  It would be like trying to cook a new recipe without having an ingredient list or the cooking instructions.

At the very least it is worth a conversation with a designer to find out how they could help with your project.  Many designers give free initial consultations to talk about the extent of your project and find out what type of design assistance you might need.